July has been a Really crazy month for me. I have gone to texas, that was fun but the people sucked. Seeing  Dallas was fun but The heat was enough. I drank some Rum in front of my parent for the first time. But all in all it was fun spending time with my family and i made 2 youtube videos in the process. Yay!
Next came the last day of the 4H fair is the only day i came. bfore that day i dumped Diana which was a big mistake. I should Have done it later But watever. The 4H fair was fun. I had a good time all in all.I bought this Wicked Neckles from Wendys stand at the 4H. It Mother Truckin Rocks! Another funny thing is i said i was fat to Wendy and Jimmy and they flipped out! lol. I told them i was 20 pounds over weight by a chart and she said Thats all a bunch of bullshit". i laughed.
This hasnt happend yet but I will right about it tommorow but ITS MY BIRTHDAY TOMMOROW! and it was Eddies Birthday yesterday.But i have no idea wht im doing for my Birthday. Not Important.
Last is SUUUUUUPERSHOOOOW!! Supershow if you cant read.Anyway Supershow is on the 25th and  is gonna be awesoome! If you dont know what supershow is then its that Raw Smackdown and ECW are coming to wildwood and I am actaully going. Rockin! I even made a John Cena sign. Rockin! Anyway got to go. Report Later!